Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The 2-Minute Rag

Finding our rhythm.

Another 2-minute practice. This time we faced a few challenges, which actually seemed a little comical, in retrospect. So in keeping with this attempt to foxtrot with my little fox, I added a ragtime music track to the video.

We're making progress on rear crosses, but I still need to work a lot more on my timing. After years of doing nearly all front crosses with Taylor, it's clear I have a gap in my handling understanding.

The other challenge is fast approaches to 180's. Taylor has always been a hard pull around the big angles, but Samurai hits them faster and with more momentum.

I need to get him a better deceleration cue to to help him make the turn more efficiently.

I'm also playing with the annotation tools provided by YouTube, so you'll just have to endure through those. Mostly, I wanted to document some of the areas we need to work on, and where we're having some fun. And mostly more and more, Sam is becoming a very fun dog to run.

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