Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A 40-Obstacle Q

Never happier than when he is doing his job.

Taylor earned his third QQ toward PAX3 at an agility trial this past weekend. He also earned the third and fourth legs toward MJP7 and ninth leg toward MXP5.

Taylor was first dog in the ring for Sunday’s Standard run, and unfortunately the timer didn’t function correctly. Because he was clean he had a chance to run again for time. Taylor pattern trains really well, and I was sure that if ran again right away, he would remember everything on the course, and that his chance of making a mistake was really small.

His heart rates was coming down nicely and he was still ready to rock and roll, and so we went back into the ring.

In total, he ran a very tricky 20-obstacle course perfectly, TWICE – or 40 total obstacles, in the span of about 5 minutes. The judge commented on Taylor’s professionalism in doing his job and also recognized him as a 2010 National’s finalist. I couldn’t be prouder of this special little dog.

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