Thursday, April 8, 2010


The same Samurai who thinks
the world looks best upside down.

Ok, so how do I describe how this whole thing first got started.

Well, ok, it began simply enough. Took off in my little car to take Sami to Agility 1 class. That was supposed to be it.

However, as it turned out, the Competition agility class that was to run right after Sam's class -- the very SAME Competition agility class that was to run the Lisa Potts course below -- with Lisa Potts even in attendance -- for the most part, did not show up.

And by showing up, I mean two people. Two very weak, but adorable people. So, I stay to help them set up. And being that we now only had, say, three very weak people now setting up, Lisa suggests that maybe we should turn the below standard course into a jumpers course.

A very, very fast jumpers course as it turns out, once you consider that all the contacts are now basically transformed into a straight on jumpin' runnin' flat out experience.

It looks great, and my adorable course building friends ask if I'd like to run this very fast course with them.

I think, "Welp, I'd like to, but I don't have dog."

Then it occurs to me, "Wait, yes I do! But it's a CRAZEEE dog."

It's Samurai.

Ignoring the horns of doom that begin playing in my head at this point, I nevertheless decide to take this flaming haired dog with no onboard steering out to run on this very fast course.

And discover that oh my gosh and gollies...he's actually working! Not running off to dark corners chasing imaginary zombies -- actually working! And running. FAST!

And along the way I also discover he can do straight up weave poles. Who knew!

I also discover that I can't get in front crosses, that Sam can sometimes do rear crosses and that my attempts at blind crosses and switches aren't really meaning a whole lot as we top out at about 90 miles an hour.

I find that we maybe know a little more than we thought, but that we also have a whole, darn lot more to learn.

But oh, man was I surprised. And oh, wow, did we have fun. Good boy, Sami!



afinstrom said...

Running fast sure beats stressing over contacts! It was what got my stressed-out, sniffy, crazy dog engaged finally.

Good Samurai!

Anonymous said...

What a pleasure to read your blog!
YES Sami and you were tremendous last Thursday night!
It was serendipity at its best!

Jane and Boo

ViewFr4Inch said...

Thank you to an ADORABLE person and an ADORABLE dog!