Saturday, December 3, 2011

Using a Contact Training Board for Strength Training

This simple set up builds strength while teaching skills.

Exercises that build core strength and stability while teaching fundamental performance "values" such as impulse control, focus and a strong release are all the rage right now. This video by Sweden's Fanny Gott is a prime example.

In this new video snippet, Fanny demonstrates a technique for teaching a dynamic stand, then transfers the technique to a contact training board.

I was sort of fascinated by how many fundamental skills and abilities are covered by this simple approach. Can you count them?

Here are a few for starters: Core strength, dynamic stand, independent leg/foot awareness, balance, impulse control, release to reward, balance on contact, foundation independent contact performance (teaching dog to drive to stay on board), release from contact.

Looks like a great idea for winter time training!

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