Saturday, December 31, 2011

Little Friends Pet Photography: Capturing the Spirit of Dogs

Revealing the nature we know,
yet somehow never even suspected about dogs.

All of us have photos of our dogs. Some snapshots, some captured in the heat of competition. Some carefully posed, or at least as much as our dogs will allow us. Many I've taken of my own dogs have been featured in my posts.

But still...when it's all said and done, few really seem to capture that extra "something" we see, or at least believe that we see in our dogs in those sly little moments they give us every day.

Today, however, I found something really special: A photographer that seems to have developed the gift for capturing in images the coy, humorous and even fierce nature of our wolfling pets...seemingly as effortlessly as capturing fireflies in a jar.

The site is innocuously named, Little Friends Lifestyle Pet Photography by Seth Casteel. But the name barely begins to describe it.

Take a virtual stroll around the gallery. You'll find many of those moments that are so similar to the ones all of us glimpse in our dogs as we travel through our days. You know. That flash of a moment that seems to capture everything about who your dog really is, and what your relationship with him is all about.

Only, you never seem to be able to quite get it on film, much less truly share it. I really love the way this "seen/unseen" nature of dogs comes through in Casteel's work. Don't wait. Take a break from your day and steal away a moment to indulge.

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