Friday, December 2, 2011

The Holy Grail of Combining Crosses

Today, the clouds lifted and the sun has broken through the clouds on the issue of combining front crosses in dog agility.

At the time I first started exploring the topic of blended front crosses, Linda Mecklenburg posted that she would be putting together some videos that would demonstrate how this handling looks. I've referenced the initial video she produced here.

It gets better, kids: In support of the article she prepared on Combining Front Crosses for the December 2011 issue of Clean Run, she has now outlined the most comprehensive definition yet of the species, genus and phylum of the strategy of front crosses.

To support the concepts presented in the article, Clean Run has posted a series of 10 videos
in which Linda demonstrates front, blended and double front crosses, along with examples of miscued and inappropriate applications.

The visuals are shown at actual speed and then in slow motion. Linda's handling is crystal clear and the set ups are simple enough to inspire use for personal practice.

My own plan is to save a link to this page on my iPhone and to set this up for my next practice session. It will be great to have these videos on hand, both as a model and as a troubleshooting tool to help me learn the most effective use of these techniques.

Thanks to Linda and Clean Run Magazine for presenting this very professional presentation of this emerging skill set.

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