Sunday, August 28, 2011

First legs in Open JWW and Open Standard

Taking a well deserved rest.

Samurai looks a little worn out right now, but it's well deserved.

He had his first outing in Open agility this weekend and we're very proud of how he did.

His runs weren't clean, but he held his focus through all of his runs and even made his weave poles the first time through twice.

He got one Q in Jumpers and one in Standard. Most of all, I'm so pleased that he was able to maintain his composure the whole weekend.

We've been working very hard on reactive dog training and the work is starting to pay off.

If you are out there with a dog that you think might not make it in agility, don't give up hope. Believe in yourself and your dog. Be honest about where you need help and work hard to find the right answers.

Look for help to people who are creative thinkers, who have the ability to see through to the real issues and can help you break down what you need to do into a granular training process.

Once you have a plan, remember that working toward improvement doesn't simply mean working harder. For many dogs, especially those with "issues", it's often is better to work smarter.

As for Sam and I, we're not out of the woods, but maybe at least, we finding a start.

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