Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blended Front Cross Example - Video

Two examples of the blended front cross contributed by Wendy and Cheetah.

A few weeks ago, I came across the mention of the blended front cross technique mentioned in the June Backyard Dogs article of Clean Run.

I posted on this blog examples that I thought might be blended FCs, but turned out not to be. The move Daisy Peel is seen doing at the end of the video on this page, turns out to be a Ketschker.

Thankfully, reader Wendy of the Team Cheetah blog was nice enough to help clear things up with a video of her performing two blended front crosses at a trial. She originally posted links to the video in a comment, but based on the interest generated by this post, I thought it might be helpful to give the clip a little more visibility for people who are looking for a visual example.

The thing that's really nice about this clip is that Wendy shows the technique at both actual speed and a slowed down version so that the viewer can really follow the sequence of events.

She has also annotated the video with some notes to supply additional clarification. Thanks Wendy, for taking the time to put this together. If you are reading this, please thank Wendy by clicking over to take a look a her blog, where it appears Cheetah has earned her MACH2.

Big congratulations, Cheetah!

As for Samurai and I, I think we're beginning to get the hang of some of this stuff, at least in practice. Sam pulled off a very nice Ketschker off a startline last weekend, and I was thrilled. It's just the most fun thing in the world to see something you've come to grasp in theory actually come to life on a course. Brings back all the reasons we all started in this sport to begin with.

I would love to see some other great videos of some of the "newer" handling maneuvers that are coming out lately. If you have a post or a video about your efforts or successes in training these, please leave me a comment!



HDsheena said...

I thought this link:
had video of the "Backy uppy/Reverse front cross" but it just has a description. This move, as named by Steve, is similar to the "blended front cross". similar enough, that they may be the same thing. I was reading written descriptions of the "blended front" and thinking it sounded an awful lot like the "backy uppy". I like the backy uppy! :)

ViewFr4Inch said...

I think this article is what started this whole thing for me. As I understand it, the blended FC would be a FC followed by the reverse FC you mention.

So you stay on the same hand you ended up on when you finished the FC. Wendy's second clip in her video shows this nicely.

Thanks for the comment!