Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dana Pike Shows off Her Blind Wrap (Ketschker)

So as I have been trying to figure this whole thing out, guess who should pop up on my YouTube while I'm aimlessly browsing agility videos? That's right. Dana Pike pulling off a perfectly executed blind wrap, actually what would be defined as a Ketschker turn, jumps to weaves. Darn her and her blue Pony! She does this in a knee brace, too, for heaven's sake! Watch for it in this video, after the chute. Tres chic!

And not to be outdone by her own self, Dana pulls a couple more blind tricks from her sleeve in the following clip. It takes a lot of trust between handler in dog to pull off this type of handing, not to mention great timing and very accurate placement of cues. Amazing job Dana!

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Also big congrats on winning 2nd Place with Tangle in the 8" Finals of the 2011 AKC National Agility Championship. Your handling made all the difference and left not a spare inch of yardage behind!

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