Saturday, January 2, 2010

Working dogs waiting.

It's a snow day here,
and the little dogs are bored.*

Single digit weather is hard on little dogs. They can't go outside today, and by and large, they don't want to. So we make plans to go work inside tomorrow.

I think we'll work on this exercise, posted on Agility Nerd.

After all, little dogs can always use more practice on the A frame.

I have to say, sometimes, it's nice to be stuck inside. Instead of focusing on weave entries, dog walk speed and teeter approaches, I whipped up a nice warm pot of chicken and dumplings. From scratch! Yum, that was good. Just like I remembered them, and I haven't made them in years.

Yes, the dogs were a little restless, but sometimes it's good to simply play with toys, just for the sake of playing. And to hug and cuddle just for the pure joy of it.

We'll get back to work tomorrow.

* The cartoon is from a card design from The New Yorker published by A New Yorker Magazine Company and Valentine Marketing Limited.

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