Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lisa Potts, Exc. Standard Course

One of my favorite judges, Lisa Potts, presented a very interesting challenge on the Sunday, Exc. Standard course at a trial we went to recently. It reframed the standard dogwalk tunnel discrimination in a fresh perspective. I liked that course so much that I asked Lisa if I could adapt it for an upcoming session of our competition agility class. The course below is adapted to fit the space available at our training facility.

The white circle course follows the opening course sequence pretty faithfully (except for the end). I added the black circle course, that basically runs the same course backwards as an additional challenge. Lisa's comments on the course and where the problem spots occurred are below.

Course notes from Lisa Potts:

"There wasn't ONE DOG who went into the wrong tunnel at 6 - NONE. I was shocked at that. A number of dogs knocked the double because the handlers were getting ready to turn for the weaves and a number of dogs ran by the double for that reason. As usual, a number of dogs messed up the weaves - no matter how nice a course is - LOTS of dogs miss the weaves. A FEW Dogs took the off course tunnel at 2. "Unfortunately", that does not count as one of the challenges in excellent because it is at obstacle 2."
Why does the tunnel/dogwalk discrimination not "count" as a challenge in this course?

According to Lisa: "When we design courses, they have to meet certain guidelines. They have to have all of the required obstacles, and have the required number of side switches and challenges (also known as off-course possibilities).

Novice has to have 2 side switches and 4 (or more) off-course options
Open has to have 3 side switches and 6 (or more) off course options
Excellent has to have 3 side switches and 9 (or more) off course options

In Excellent and Open, an off course option does not count if it is at the table or at obstacle2, for it is believed that dogs at that level will be 'under complete control' from those staticpositions.

Thanks Lisa, for sharing your course and judging insight with the agility education community.

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