Sunday, January 24, 2010

Congratulations MACH Keegan!

MACH Shively's Small Firey One (Keegan)
This week we heard some exciting news from afar. Our Toy Fox Terrier pal, Keegan, and his devoted companion and handler, Cheryl, earned their MACH!

We are unbelievably proud of these two. This little guy was a spotted marvel from day one, but like all dogs, he had his challenges. As a little puppy guy, he broke his leg, characteristically taking a sharp turn at top speed at the bottom of a flight of stairs. He got over that, and onto a career that has just been magic.

Cheryl has diligently worked through training issues with Keegan, as described in her new blog, Dust Cloud Canines.

Keegan and Cheryl did a phenomenal job at the 2009 AKC Agility Invitational, and with the other great Toy Fox Terriers out there, they're showing the world what the Toy Fox world has known for awhile:

These little guys are the real deal. They're smart, they're extremely athletic, they're FAST and they can be great little workers. Everything a dog needs to give the 8-inch classes a run for their money.

Congratulations Cheryl, Keegan and Keegan's breeder, Dr. Marsha Shively, of Shively's Livelies Toy Fox Terriers.

Marsha deserves credit for being one of the leading voices in wanting to keep this new AKC breed what it was originally meant to be: A sound, useful, smart and versatile small working terrier.

From dishing out punishment to varmint invaders on American farmsteads, to assisting hunters as a tiny gun dog bringing down squirrel and rabbit for rural family tables, to being one of the most treasured family pets of early 20th century America.

These guys have done it all, and now, they're taking on the world of agility.

Our friend Keegan's exemplifies the best, and we desperately hope, the future direction for this all American breed.

Best wishes to Cheryl and Keegan as they take the next steps in their agility career, and to Keegan as he awaits the chance to sire his first litter with another landmark Toy Fox Terrier, Shively's Miss VIP. We're sure the result will be amazing!

Congratulations, Keegan and keep that little fire burning!

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