Friday, November 29, 2013

Samurai Qualifies for AKC 2014 National Agility Championships

Better late than never. We actually thought we would have to squeak out the last three points in our last two days of trialing for the 2013 qualification period.

But the night before we left, I checked the AKC website and found out Samurai had actually earned 10 points over the 500 we needed at our last trial.

So far this weekend, we've already picked up 22 points at from our Standard run this morning.

The Chinese medicine approach to treating his IBD, a raw diet and resolving (I hope) some of our weave issues have helped.

His time was 10 seconds under a similar run about a month ago. We're so glad he's feeling better.

We don't know if we'll actually go to Nationals. If we do, it will be for fun. It's just nice to know that after all of the issues that we've worked through that we were able to meet this goal in our first year of trialing in AKC Masters.


Megan said...

Congratulations!!! I hope you're able to go to Nationals--we'll be there in the 4".

ViewFr4Inch said...

Congratulations on representing the mighty 4" jump height at Nationals. Congratulations and maybe we see you there!