Saturday, November 16, 2013

Michael Ellis Teaches the Food Chasing Game

This is little seminar snippet shows a great way to build drive for the dog to move into the handler. The next step will be to turn this into a recall, but it would also be a great first step for training startline so stays and "follow the hand" in agility. 

It could also be used as a performance warm up for a non-toy motivated dog. 

The trainer gives a good clarification on the proper technique. Be sure to pay attention at the end where the trainer talks about lessons learned in over building drive. He makes the point that it's more important to be able to offer an appropriate channel for drive early on in foundations, rather than over building without a behavior to channel it to. With a drivey dog, this can cause problems later on with the dog throwing a lot of random energy that might result in a need for a correction which might be in conflict with the overall objectives of the training. 

The video is shot live at a seminar, so it can be a little murky at times, but hang in and it will be worth it.

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