Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dogs in Art - Strathmore Exhibition

Dogs in Art by Moira McLaughlin
 An Interesting Video Solution 
Morphs Faces of Dogs, Painting to Painting

I've had people ask me why I took a structure class. I'm interested in the connection between structure and performance, of course. But it also connects to the art I see in the canine form and in canine art in general (and in art in general).

So taking the leap away from structure study, we seque back to art for a look at some of the art that's been brought forward by the Strathmore Exhibition, Art Unleashed in Bethseda, Maryland.

I discovered the event and a treasure trove of dog related art on the blog Dog Art Today

Beautiful examples that exemplify the relationships of modern day humans with their dogs. Also, carefully classified examples of art from every age.

Desire by Clair Hartmann
Dogs in Relationship 
to Humans and Others

Before you go on to another boring day, I'd invite you to take a look at this carefully curated virtual gallery. Give your eyes a treat. Give yourself a smile. It's a joy anytime we're fortunate enough to come across art that captures art the way we see dogs in those sacred, secret moments that drift like furry tumbleweeds across the greater landscape of our lives.

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