Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PAX2 CATCH2 Celebration

Two great little dogs have their day (x2).

Recently, my friend Mary and I celebrated a couple of pretty big achievements for our dogs Shae and Taylor. The two mighty munchkins had earned their second high agility titles, both in the span of about a year.

Mary ordered an agility-themed cake which was promptly devoured by well-wishers. Once again proving, if there's anything dog training people like more than dogs, it's cake!

Taylor, and his Yorkie friend, Shae, were turned out nicely for the occasion and we both brought our ribbons and bars to be signed.

It was a nice celebration and we are fortunate to have friends and fellow trainers who understand the effort that went into earning these titles.

Both Shae and Taylor are proof that you don't have to be a large dog to get a big job done (twice!).

Hope both these old friends have many more adventures to share in the years ahead. Both of them show how far you can go on little legs when you have determination.

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