Wednesday, March 4, 2015

11 Promises to a New Puppy (Whom I Haven't Met Yet)

Samurai, when he was just a pup

Before you were even born, I made promises.

A promise that we would be a good match for each other.
I want you to be happy in the world we will create together.

A promise to let you be a puppy as long as you need to be.
I want you to enjoy those blissful months of puppyhood.
I want you to wander and explore,
your eyes filled with wonder.

A promise that I will keep you safe
but give you room to grow.
This will be hard. Sometimes I'll question myself.
And you will test your limits.
 But together, we'll move forward
on an important journey toward trust.

A promise to make careful choices about nutrition.
Caring for Samurai and our old Shaunie
taught me lessons about how important it will be 
to feed you well.
I will continue to study 
and try my best to make good choices
that will help you grow strong,
run healthy
and live long.

A promise to make good choices for your training.
Kid, I'm not perfect.
You'll find that out.
Probably, you'll laugh 
and have me scratching my head
at your endless mysteries and jokes.
But I will try.

A promise to seek out the best advice I can on your behalf.
I will think. Then plan. Then do.
I've been around the block long enough
to take a pass on some of the myths
that make sense to people
but not to dogs.
I'll try hard to find paths
that bring us joy
as well as lead us to our success.

A promise to keep you fit for the efforts I ask of you.
You can only perform well what you are physically able to do.
I will try to understand you
and find ways to help you be strong.

I promise not to push you beyond
what you can happily do.
What I will adore more than any ribbon, win or title
will be your smile.
What I will not tolerate
or permit for myself
is losing that happiness.

A promise of medical care when you need it.
A soft, warm bed for you to sleep in.
A family that will love you.
Arms that will always be open to you.

A promise that when the time comes, I will let you go.
It will break my heart almost more than I will be able to bear.
But you will be too good of a dog
for me to let you suffer.

Know this:
When you are gone, 
you will live in my heart forever
just as you are with me now,
perhaps before you were born 
and before we have even met.

Above all, always and forever,

I promise to treasure you
as the matchless treasure you are.

Adieu, my little one.
Until we meet,
I love you.

This blog is part of a Dog Agility Blog Action Day (DABAD) on performance dog health and happiness.

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