Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do Papillons and Small Dogs Need Jumping Skills?

More than keeping bars up: Jumping skills help 
little dogs run with speed, accuracy and confidence.

The answer is yes! Jumping skills are more than not knocking bars. They are the foundation skills you need to guide your dog swiftly, safely and efficiently around the agility course. And while small dogs don't seem to knock bars as often, they often still HIT bars without taking them down. And that isn't good for your dog.

Have a young agility dog you'd like to get started off right? Want to move your handling from good to great?

Register for Mastering Jumping Skills: Foundation Flatwork. It's available now in Daisy Peel's Online Classroom. Sign up here:

This class is first in a series that will take you from a great start to running with mastery and confidence. And it all starts with FLATWORK.

I know Daisy and have taken her classes. She presents a first class learning experience for all sizes of dogs. This time, she's teaming up with agility icon, Linda Mecklenburg and world medalist Jenn Crank.

They will be teaching you a new approach that advances the methods introduced in Linda's books, Developing Jumping Skills and Developing Handling Skills. You'll not only have the skills to run today's tough courses. You'll have fun!  (Remember fun? :-)

Registrations are open now and classes start very soon.

On your mark. Get set. ZOOM!

I'm signed up with an auditing spot to pick up skills and additional motivation for Samurai (and yes, flatwork can be VERY motivating). I love flatwork because it lets my little guys experience the joy of running full out -- and work on skills -- without those pesky bars!

Even my little retired 4" guy, Taylor, will be able to have a little fun. Because, hey, no jumping!

Every dog should revisit flatwork once in awhile. And, it can get a youngster started like a speedy pro, right from the start. Take a look. Be one of the first to get the advantage of this innovative new approach. 

See you in class!

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