Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 AKC USA Medium Team Jumping at Worlds

Blazing fast teams show sharp handling.

Agilityvision didn't video the Worlds this year, which left spectators at home wondering whether to go with the French coverage or wait for what scraps should appear on YouTube.

Guess which one I did. Hmmmm....

Thankfully, the AKC onsite team did post this nice sequence of video capturing the US Medium Team in a Jumpers round this Saturday.

Karen is a fantastic teacher, and watching her handling here, it is great to see in the heat of world competition, the very skills she demonstrated for us this past summer at Ann Braue's summer camp. The footwork, the push back turns and so many other refinements to handling that are not commonly taught here in the US are all on display here.

Ashley has a blistering fast run in this video with with his great little Pyr Shep, Luka, and his long strides make short work of the course. I've gotten to meet him in person and he truly a nice guy. He kindly allowed me to photograph them just after they emerged as 2011 victors of the 16" class at Nats and later called me over for a big, bear hug when we ran into him in the lobby of the Natural Bridge Inn on the evening of the finals. It was a privilege as the new little 4" champions to be recognized so warmly by one of the legends of the sport. I will keep that little moment with me forever.

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