Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ultimate Dog Agility Video - WAO

Showing the world what America can do.

I've been watching this video for the past few weeks, mostly because it gives such a great visual summary of some of America's best handling of the APHS variety, as demonstrated by four of America's most renowned handers: Mary Ellen Barry, Linda Mecklenburg, Karen Holik and Jen Crank.

The video is a compilation shot at the 2011 World Agility Open Championships in Clevedon, UK last month. I am especially excited because Samurai and I will be training with two of these ladies in just a few weeks.

I am just thrilled with the way the sport of agility has been developing in the past few years. The courses are becoming more thoughtfully strategic and the handling more refined and powerful.

I will be very intrigued to see what I can do along these lines with Sami.

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