Monday, March 28, 2011

Tweet with us @PapillonAgility on Twitter!

Best thing about driving? Drive-thrus.

Headed off to take our little Taylor to the AKC Agility Nationals and decided to
open a Twitter feed so I could read the scores that are going to be tweeted live
as they happen from the 5 rings at Nationals.

Anyway, I called it PapillonAgility, so I thought would invite you all to post
your news and scores also. Also feel free to share any Papillon or agility
related news. Also news from the Papillon Nationals for those of us who won't be
there this year.

Either go to @PapillonAgility on Twitter or
You can read it even if you aren't on Twitter.

Also, I will be posting photos and news from our Nationals trip to my blog, View
From 4 Inch. You can find it by Googling "View From 4 Inch" or

This will be a bittersweet trip since Taylor has been recovering first from a
back injury in January, then from having three teeth pulled a couple of weeks
ago, and finally...was diagnosed with PRA just last week.

It's just a tragic thing to happen to such a marvelous little agility dog. His
vision is still pretty good right now, so we will just adapt day by day.

Good luck to everyone headed to AKC Nationals and to Papillon Nationals. Travel
safely and have a great time!

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