Sunday, December 12, 2010


A wonderful day.

He also earned his Master’s Jumpers Preferred 6 (MJP6) title at the same trial. He earned both titles on the same day – Sunday, Nov. 14) at the Agility Ability trial in Bartlett, Illinois.

PAX is the highest title currently available to Preferred dogs in AKC agility. PAX2 requires 40 double qualifying runs in Excellent B.

Taylor earned this title in only about 2 1/2 years and about 30 trials. On the way to this PAX, he has earned as many as 6 2QQ weekends in a row, or 24 straight Qs. He at times maintained Q rates in the high 80%.

Master's Jumper's Preferred 6 represents 60 qualifying runs in Excellent B Jumpers. He has only NQ’d two Jumpers runs in 2010. Taylor also earned the 5th and 6th legs towards his Master's Excellent Preferred 5 (MXP5) title.

Taylor earned this title in a 2 QQ weekend – 4 straight clean runs – with a 1st place on every run. He ran every run like the dependable little tank he has always been. We’ve hit a few bumps in recent trials and it was great to be running once again with my unstoppable, “Precision Clockwork Mouse.”

Thanks to Mike, who has been an important part of our team on this journey. Thanks most of all to Taylor. In my lifetime, I will never know another dog like him.

He is now:

(U-CD (HIT) Wingssong Sweet Baby James CD RE AX AXJ MXP4 MJP6 PAX2 OFP RL2-AOM - 2nd Place Finalist, 2010 AKC Preferred National Agility Championship)

Thanks to Scott Perske at Photos by Toto for the wonderful photo.

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Lisa said...

HEY - CONGRATS! Long time no see - hope you have a great holiday!