Sunday, October 17, 2010

18th QQ to PAX2

Taylor packs away one more QQ
to the next big title

It's gone a little slower this time, but still not too bad. After a crash on the dogwalk at a trial last July, I had Taylor checked out and discovered he is developing a cataract and also some arthritis in the knee that he had surgery on several years ago.

I always knew that the curtain on his performance career would be coming down a little early, but now that I'm actually seeing the writing on the wall, it just has not been easy.

Mainly because mentally, he's not ready to retire. He's still loves, LOVES, going into the ring. He's happy and just lit up like it was his best ever birthday every time he sees those ring gates.

Not sure why he's like that, or how he got to be that way, but he just is and it's just the best thing when he's like that. He dances around, wiggles his behind and kitten pats after his treat. Just THRILLED to totally be there.

Always comes straight out of the box like that, full and dead accurate, my little Precision Clockwork Mouse.

It's no secret he's covered for me plenty of times all these past years. Now, I'm helping him too.

Giving him lots and lots more verbals. Talking to him all the way through the tunnels. They can get pretty long and dark for a little dog that can't see very well in dim light.

I point out each and every contact approach, and instead of sending, stay with him every step of the way.

This seems to do the trick for now, but who knows for how much longer. Until then, I enjoy each and every golden opportunity I have to run with this brilliant little dog.

To have had the kind of seamless communication, trust and bond that we've had working together is something that not everyone has the joy of experience, whether human or animal.

For this, I will always feel fortunate.

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afinstrom said...

Wow, what an awesome testimonial! And how bittersweet. May you have many more runs together!