Monday, June 7, 2010

Taylor Earns Master's Jumper's Preferred 5 Title!

Man alive, it's MJP5!

Believe it or not, we hit the big 5-O.

Taylor earned his Master’s Jumpers Preferred 5 title on a rainy, very stressful day at this weekend's trial. He also earned the 14th double Q needed for his PAX on the same day.

The same day that I later heard I was very nearly appointed emergency judge of the trial by Lisa Potts, a real judge who very thankfully stepped in to take over judging when the assigned judge became sick.

Taylor’s Qs that weekend also counted as his 50th and 51st legs earned in Excellent B Jumpers. The second Jumper's leg counts as the first toward his MJP6 title.

He also earned the 9th leg toward his MXP4 title (for a grand total of 39 legs in Excellent B Standard). Taylor has been competing in Excellent B for exactly two years as of this trial.

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afinstrom said...

What a rockin' team! We don't compete *nearly* that much. Conragts to a super boy!