Friday, May 7, 2010

Belatedly posting our 2QQ Weekend News

Up and over the halfway mark to PAX2

So I'm getting to this a little late, but wanted to share that we earned our tenth and eleventh double Qs toward PAX2 at our trial last weekend. That puts us a little over the halfway mark to the 20 needed for the title. We earned our first PAX last August.

The Qs also earned us the fifth and sixth legs toward our MXP4 title, and the sixth and seventh legs toward our MJP5 title.

Good going Taylor!

This trial was held at our home base club and it's always one of my favorites. It's an outdoor trial, usually a negative, but we have a nice climate controlled building for crating and two nicely fenced rings for running in.

Best of all, at this trial, agility almost becomes a sideshow to the festival atmosphere that always makes this event so enjoyable.

Old friends come back to hugs along the sidelines and we get to meet all the new pups and cheer on the upcoming stars and and our hometown hero grizzled veterans. It's a sort of throwback to the way agility was years ago, when things were friendly and simple and where people were more about the dogs than the titles they hoped to earn.

The grass is always green and soft at this spring trial, and it's the perfect spot to roll on your back with a new puppy while gazing up at a cloud scattered, wildly blue sky.

There was a big cake set out for MACH4 Raleigh, chocolate on the inside and white fluffy icing outside. It disappeared as if by magic, the lucky dogs relishing contraband bits of crumb.

Taylor had a wonderful time, and I was sorry to see it end. He handily scooped up 4 Qs, smiling all the way.

Thanks to everyone who put their heart into making this trial a success. It's a treasure that we all can be proud of.

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