Monday, February 8, 2010

Taylor has mediocre weekend

The weekend started out well enough. A nice run and a Q in Exc. Standard.

But in Jumpers, the problems started. Taylor's handler began running amuck. First sniffing, then visiting the pole setters, then finally running out of the ring to jackpot herself on snacks in the training bag.

Taylor was not amused at all at this behavior-- he was SURE he had ironed out these deficiencies through a careful program of Control Unleashed conditioning.

However he consoled himself by remembering that some issues are born in, and so, can only be partially addressed by training.

Next day, praying for a miracle, Taylor trotted into the Standard ring. He was soon dismayed to find his handler's brain was again, nowhere to be found.

Several crosses into what he knew should have been a fairly straightforward opening sequence, Taylor was astounded to find himself staring up from the foot of a very tall A frame.

Clouds swirled around its lofty summit, and its slopes were strewn with the remains of tiny dogs who had attempted the climb without oxygen or who had otherwise been lost.

Taylor stood back and gathered his resolve. He ran hard and made a speedy ascent, pausing only to plant a small American flag at the top.

The judge raised both palms in salute.

Returing from his trek, Taylor was relieved to find that his handler had held her stay and had not run off. She was focused, and thankfully, ready to work.

The rest of the Standard course passed pleasantly and without incident.

After that run and before the next, the handller found her brain. In the training bag! She packs EVERYTHING in there!

They had a wonderful Jumpers run, and lived happily ever after.

(With a couple more legs to boot: A second MXP4 leg and a first leg toward MJP5).

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