Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Secret Santa Mission

On the agenda tonight: get a fuzzy tug leash for Samurai. One that is scaled small, so it doesn't seem like his tiny 4-pound frame is dragged down with a line so heavy it could hold a battleship.

It's part of my plan to get a leash that I can (hopefully) drop over his unsuspecting little head while he's tugging on the leash (and before he can make a getaway).

So anyway, here's where I found some nice ones. Scaled for toy dogs. Soft, with enticing rabbit fur woven into matching tugs.

Heard about it from my Toy Fox Terrier performance list and they're made by Kollars by Kathryn.

On order: a black and brown one with Horse Parade ribbon for Samurai.

Classic black and brown...

...accented with Horse Parade ribbon.

I've ordered a pretty pink one for my friend's Papillon, Jayde (hope she's not reading this!).

Pink is pretty girl perfect.

So, the questions are...

1. Will they arrive in time for Christmas?
2. Will my plan for Samurai-catching work?


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