Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So small we're almost invisible

Or so it would seem in many of the many dog training classes we attend. Dogs no smaller than than medium sized are usually chosen to demo. Most usually, it's a Golden.

So, it's no wonder Toy Breed trainers are so often frustrated and retire early from dog training.

Personally, there are things in obedience that are hard for me to translate for my dogs. Fronts. Close work. It's hard to do without bending yourself into a pretzel. And worse still, presenting an improper picture for the dog (that later needs to be retrained).

Training a toy breed teaches one early to think independently to find solutions that fit within a miniature frame. I find it an interesting challenge though, and I feel the explorations I've done to find the right approaches for my dog are often the best part of the journey.

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